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I do not yet know where we will land in Paris. I have not put too much effort into looking; it is much too early. I have looked online, I have done a small amount of research, and I have a tiny idea where I will look, and a HUGE idea where I will NOT! I also want moldings, wood floors, fireplaces and an elevator. Oh, and did I already mention a large kitchen, a marble bathroom and a huge terrasse? I will be as bold as to add a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower. 
That's the big picture. As for the finer details, I know my new home will be painted a variety of grays. Pale grays, warm grays, deeper grays. The whole group of chips around one of my favorite Benjamin Moore colors: Balboa Mist.
It is SO much simpler when you know which path to take...you don't even need to know where you are going, you just follow the wind, so to speak. (I also have the habit of designing spaces in my head even before I know what they actually are)

Speaking of following the wind, I am off to Paris and Tangier tomorrow. Paris will have a little bit of house hunting on its schedule and some family business to attend to, and Tangier, a whole lot of work. Including trying to find an agent for future production and a nice efficient assistant who speaks Arabic for our dealings in the challenging world of Moroccan artisans. I am proud to say I know how to say hello, good bye, milk (yes, milk) and thank you. Not quite enough to get my very important design details across, I would say; Precise sketches, photos and energetic hand signs don't always cut it. When in doubt, speak Arabic, I say. Hello? anyone?

au revoir.


  1. Love my grays too, and did my laundry room in gray and just looove it! Such a beautiful soothing color.

  2. Gray is my favorite color palette. Can't wait to see the new Paris apartment. Have fun in Tangier. Hope you find a fun, smart, handsome and resourceful assistant-translator.

  3. Follow the wind...I could not agree more! Safe travels.

  4. Grey is just the best colour isn't it.! I have a friend who did her whole house in grey and silver with grey washed floor boards, stainless steel in the kitchen, antique silvery mirrors everywhere, and I just loved visiting her. I love olive trees because of their grey foliage.
    Just as an aside - I notice that a lot of people spell grey as gray... I checked my dictionary, and it can be either. I think it might depend on where you live.... I'm in Australia and was educated in the English way. Oh yes, even the word colour / color....
    I absolutely adore your blog - thank you.

  5. Just saw this wonderful piece + wanted to comment. The more you know what you don't want, your do wants get clearer..so ask BIG! Can't wait to see what the universe gives you. Greetings from S. CA. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

  6. You are sooo impressive!!! Grey is so soothing...I love it paired with white and black.

  7. Anonymous16/1/12

    I painted my kitchen a particular grey upon your recommendation, it actually changed hues depending on the light of the day, you are my color goddess.
    You deserve Paris, Paris deserves you. Bonne année.
    X David

  8. Oh how exciting for you to be anticipating a move to Paris.

    I will be following and looking forward to hear of your find of a stunning home of your dreams.

    Good luck in your search for an Arabic speaking staff member

    Helen xx

  9. This must be a nice place to live. Your blog is amazing. Can't wait to see your new apartment too.

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  12. J'adore gris....one of my favourite colours as I said on my blog. Particularly love it with paprika/orange/rust etc etc. What is Tangier like? I've never been...peut-etre I should put it on my list of places to visit. Lovely post as usual.