We had heard about Cafe Abdou numerous times but had never taken the time to go scout it out. We are so glad we did so this time. 
It has to be the most retro/kitchy/cotton candy colored fun place on earth. I am not exaggerating. 
Cafe Abdou has been around since the 50's maybe earlier, just outside and to the west of Tangier towards the Atlantic. It is located in what is called the Foret Diplomatique, so named because an American army base used to be there. You drive through a pine forest for a while and suddenly you have arrived. You are Chez Abdou, a group of low, pastel colored buildings reminicent of the more modest areas of the French Riviera in the 50's and 60's. Complete with mid century wire chairs and metal tables, umbrellas with soda company advertising all over them and a collection of the most fun flower pots I have ever seen. 
The vegetation seems to be very pleased with the climate ...

...even the fake vegetation.
Don't you just love the sun bleached travel photo left upside down?

The few misspellings add to the happy-go-lucky feel of the place.

The "entrance" to the beach could not be more extraordinarily funky.

But most of all : the food!
You choose your meal at the counter as you arrive (you literally point at the fish you wish to eat) and it is brought to your table a few moments later, grilled to perfection and DELICIOUS.
Oh, and the cook came to the table at one point and asked that I come to take a picture of "our" fish... with the cook of course.

Another great address to add to our list of Tangier favorites.

au revoir.


  1. That's for me! Great photos by a keen eye!

  2. Very interesting place.
    The cook looks so happy.
    Some how I can't imagine trees there.'The
    beach looks wonderful.