You may- or may not- have wondered what I was up to if not posting a little something- about my trip to France and Morocco , let's say- as I have been back in the states for a week. 
Well, let's see: "things" got in the way. 

The daughters: they came back for a 2 week trip to the US while I was still in France and needed some attention when I came back myself a few days later.  A lot of attention. And we were VERY happy to give it to them! And, NO, they are never in the way. They just gobble up a lot of your time...

The clients: they also needed some attention but, as it is still summer, that was not too hard. Its just that getting back on track takes some time. If only in one's still very lazy-days-of-summer mind.
Aaaaah, to be one's own boss...it has to have SOME advantages...

The storm: we are SO lucky! We were prepared- as much as one can be prepared for something one has no clue about, really- water, food, candles, outdoor furniture and "stuff" secured, cars parked at the treeless train station parking lot, etc. We really thought we had really been spared, miraculously; yes, a ton of rain; yes, a lot of frightening wind; but all in all nothing bad. 
At the very end of the hurricane's "stay" in our area, a HUGE  piece of a tree fell on our driveway and damaged the corner of our garage. No one hurt, broken bushes and fence, the power line and internet/telephone/TV cable down, basement with water- surprisingly little water; nothing dramatic, of course, but the kind of damage does get in the way of getting things done.
Hence the "silence radio" as we say in French.
The tree is still awaiting removal but other than that, after a large number of phone calls, as of last night, we are back to normal.
My gratitude goes to the repair crews that made the return to life as usual possible! You are the best!
My sympathy goes out to all those who have been much, MUCH more hurt by the hurricane and who are still feeling the consequences of its passage. 

Hang in there. 
We are thinking of you.

Oh, the girls have gone back to Paris. We miss them. 
We miss the whirlwind they are. 
We don't miss the storm.
au revoir.


  1. As a frequent reader, I wondered where you had gone. Mon dieu ! You have been through a fracas. So glad that you and yours are safe and sound !

  2. So glad you were spared any major damage. There are still so many without power, roads, food, etc. Hoping for a mild winter.

  3. Finally catching up wit you!
    Glad things passed less violently as expected, right? We had also a flooded basement, but not like other storms we have experienced.
    By the words you sound like you live not far from me somewhere in Westchester County...
    Hope you still can hang on to your Morocco memories! I am sure you enjoyed it. A little sad, how people take advantage of situations. What a strange example this mother sets for her daughter.(Girl from the photo)
    To be greedy and to exploit every moment for money.
    To be in need is one thing, but this...You know where my thoughts go, what could be next....