Target; pronounced Tahrjay in some circles...

Mary Ann of the wonderful, fun, interesting blog Classic Casual Home, (A MUST-SEE, MUST-FOLLOW, MUST-READ-EVERYDAY blog) mentioned on Friday in her post-trip-to-Paris report, that she had been to Monoprix, the Target of France.
OK, first, she is totally right, it is exactly the way to describe it.
Second, she reminded me that I had not gone to Target since my daughter took me there to see the Liberty Of London line and I reported on our finds here almost a year ago. 
So I went with my sister the other day as she was looking for neutral pool towels for her house in Southern France.
But before we reached the bath area of the store, we wandered in my favorite department: the paper supplies and stationery section.

Paper bags
WOW! any color you might want in any size you might need! The beauty of simplicity.

Kraft paper and just a pretty ribbon

A black and white group

Spring time in a bag

Sweet animals for cute kids and vice versa

Note cards
Great graphics on inexpensive notecards

My favorite: the faux woodgrain notes made of recycled paper

The bath
We made our way, a slow way, to the bath wares area, and there also a number of items were beautifully styled and amazingly priced.

The brass and glass line

Wonderful soap pumps in clear and milk glass and nickel

The perfect bath/pool sheets
I knew Target always carries a stunning line of items for the home designed by one of my favorite creative minds: Thomas O'Brien the man behind Aero in Soho, NYC. He is a spectacular designer and he excels in bathrooms. No contest.
We were not disappointed. We bought a big pile of the EXACT towels we were imagining for the house: large, simple, neutral, chic and the color of stone, as stone abound over there. 
Can't wait to see them in situ...

A productive and very interesting foray into a surprising store.
You should go if you are ever near one. 

Editor's note: I received no compensation for this post.
au revoir.


  1. Looking "Through the Eye of French Design" Target looks very chic. Thanks so much for the sweet mention. What a fun excursion with your sister. I have all white Thomas O'Brien towels at home and at our ski condo and we love them... stone and white look great. Wish I could see them "in situ" too!

  2. Anonymous27/4/11

    Yes, Great post!
    Wonderful to stop and look at items which are accessible through your eyes.
    Please do this again.