En direct de Londres...presque.

I have never really been wild about Liberty prints; The fabrics are great and some prints are beautiful enough; It's the little flowers that I have always found a tad too sweet. Having said that, it is with an open mind that I decided to accompany my youngest daughter, my 21 year old Fashionista, to TARGET. She really wanted to see what they had in store (literally) for spring and summer: they have had Jean Paul Gauthier, Isabelle Marant etc. before and she wanted to check it all out. So off we went. She did find a great jersey dress by Zac Posen. But what was a big surprise (what planet have I been all these last 2 months?) was the assortment of pieces by Liberty of London. Especially the sleepwear (yes!) that L-A decided would be très cool on jeans or just worn as a dress.

She was quite smitten with this little number (!)

In fact, what she fell in love with a (now sold-out) camisole exactly like this bra but with a slightly gathered "skirt" attached to the bottom of the bra that came down to the hips. Super stylé! with jeans... she said.

I spotted these online (no time to stick around the store to check the other Liberty wares on offer there) I really like there black and white color way.
I must humbly admit I find these two articles would be very nice for a sweet cottage look.
And of course if you say cottage you say gardening. This would positively put me in the mood.

Now, this fun bike might even get me cycling up and down my suburban streets.

Now Liberty and MERCIthe Parisian concept store, are also teaming up. 
Merci went for the VERY flowery Liberty look, the small charming fleurettes that bloomed all over Paris in the mid 70's thanks to Cacharel et al.

THAT'S a suitcase! no trouble at the airport recognizing it and the terrifying luggage handlers will probably not make a mess of it...maybe.
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Au revoir.


  1. Anonymous12/5/10

    i would not say not to that chair. or the pillows. love it!

    xo Alison

  2. I love the brown envelopes with the floral lining, such a sweet touch!

  3. Ok, you know my stand on ditzy floral prints, but you have swayed me -- a bit. I'll take the velo, the tape and a little chemise de nuit.

    Merci, cherie.

    xo, Letitia

  4. Liberty is turning up at our local Target stores in bulk.