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Like a number of designers, I have been confronted with the problem of having to deal with ordinary doors on a project. You know, the ones with the ordinary cheap looking moldings, ordinary hardware and plain Jane off-white paint.

What to do to bring this sad lot to a semblance of elegance? 
Well you could go wild with ornate moldings, sold by the yard at the hardware store or, better, found at an antique restoration material store.
planete maison

Or you could just add a small amount of panache by way of something simpler yet handsome.

Of course there are ways to address this challenge with great style but they are going to need some effort and money. 
marie claire maison

a lot of effort and a lot of money...
world of interiors

Some people with very little means find ingenious ways to adorn their otherwise plain doorways
oualata mauritania via uncieldetoiles

others are beyond creative, like this door in the School of Architecture of Strasbourg in France

A bit of paint and a lot of talent will help of course
jujol can negre

as will carpentry skills 
world of interiors

and often the most modest detail like this wreath-like round frame makes all the difference.
marie claire maison

and while you are at it, why not go all the way and incorporate your door into a whole wall of detail.

au revoir.


  1. Interesting how culturally universal is the inclination to celebrate an entrance!

  2. I love doors, I look at them and take pictures of them wherever I travel. These are great choices. Very elegant blog