I was very VERY productive this weekend, thanks mostly to a rainy Saturday and to a Sunday that benefited from the roll-over energy of the prior day. 
I cleaned out my closet!  
Out went those items I have not worn in a year, the pants with wide legs that make me look like an elephant, the tops that were a mistake of gigantic proportions from the 1st.day, the flashy bags that can't seem to look good with anything and the scarves that make me look a hundred years old. They will help someone much more at a thrift store than sitting in my closet.
Well, I almost cleaned out my closet if I count not putting away my sweaters and winter pants in the attic (our attic has a bar that runs from one end to the other; great for changing seasons but dramatique for throwing away clothes left unworn for months...) I kept the sweaters and pants because it is not quite warm enough in the morning to do without: "En avril, ne quitte pas un fil". In April do not take off a single "thread" is the very literal translation.
I am also about to have my closet re-carpeted, and I was about to expose myself to shame, the space was so bursting at the seams.
As I was making neat piles of t shirts - by color, mais oui...- giving a little breathing room to my blouses and tops and reorganizing my bags, I started dreaming about my ideal closet. 
Dream # 1: a BIGGER space!
and then in no specific order:

A big area for my shoes

A place to sit while I choose my outfit for the day or evening

A table to lay it all out

And why not a fireplace, a chandelier and big windows

a nice tall mirror

a pretty commode just for jewelry

and a vanity to try them on for best effect
images decorpad, domino via mysecondstorey
I really want to turn a room into a dressing next time I move. Not more clothes or shoes or bags, just more space to store it all. Now, that's not too much to ask is it?
Oh, and I started on that long bar in the attic too.
au revoir.


  1. What georgeous closets. I too dream of a walk in closet. But alas do not have enough space.

  2. These are all dream closets and I would gladly accept any one of them. I need to clean uot my closet too...ugh!

  3. Great inspiration to do something with my closet...or at least unpack my bags from our Paris trip. I love the idea of furniture in the closet like the ottoman and lovely gilded mirror you showed.