I have always loved this simple graphic black mask motif and seeing the Repetto flats with a mask appliqué on them featured on Letitia Jett's greatly fun blog yesterday, reminded me of just how much I do.

It also reminded me of a small barette brooch I have, with a tiny black enamel mask on it. I often wear it to close a kimono-like black evening top. Funny how the mind meanders from one idea to the next.

This kind of mask is called a loup in French, I am not sure why, so if anyone knows, I would love to learn something new. A loup is a half mask usually made of a black material and worn at Carnival time in Venice or to costume parties, like the one printed on this lovely Karl Lagerfeld scarf I have had for years. I said I loved the loups motif and I guess KL does did too...

The motif has inspired a number of items relating to masks and Venice, always with striking results.

au revoir.


  1. Love your barette brooch, so beautiful. I'd have to take a pass on the sunglasses I would feel to much like cat woman.

  2. Anonymous3/2/11

    You should check out Peggy Guggenheim's sunglasses which can be purchased in Venice at her museum, you could pull them off.
    I think you can order them from the Guggenheim gift shop in NYC as well.
    I have those candlesticks you gifted me upstate, they are enormous and I love them, they may also be practical if it snows more and I lose power.
    Love David

  3. Acquired Objects: I would look like a fly with the sunglasses, myself...but I do love the masks. Thank you for the visit, as always.
    David: I am so happy you like the candlesticks. Light them even if you do have power. The glow of a flame in these taxing winter nights will be so soothing I am sure, especially if you are even higher north than we are. Keep warm. Merci. pour la visite.