I am not, no, I WAS not a big fan of wallpaper. I thought it was too present, a little dowdy, and would get very tiring very quickly. I must admit that I have changed my mind. Somewhat. My wallpaper choice is grass cloth. I love the texture and the colors are very often soft and warm, even when relatively dark. It also is a non-pattern pattern. I am a non-pattern sort of designer.
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au revoir.


  1. Jeanne...I agree..and carried the same sentiments when it came to wallpaper..but the grass cloth range has turned me around..I think it really works with any style decor..and some great examples in your images. Great post, Anna x

  2. I was "over" wallpaper too (especially considering what a pain it is to change), but we have been using grass cloth for a number of years in beach interiors. I used to work for Scalamandré...talk about timeless, gorgeous wallpapers! It means committing to pattern--but so elegant.
    Mary Ann

  3. Anonymous1/2/11

    Love,love,love grasscloth wallpaper...and that first image of the garnet colored wallpaper is stunning...

  4. I’m with you Jeanne, not a big fan of wallpaper or all over pattern until I took a risk…I put grass cloth in my downstairs bath. It’s on the upper half of the wall and I have to say I am in love with it. It’s very subtle and has great depth and now that I have tried it I’m going to use it in my staircase. I have a new love!

  5. You have chosen well it is timeless. The great thing is no matching. It has always been a favorite of mine. I like silk also.