Mezzanines are those wonderful spaces found in the wasted parts of tall rooms. My small Paris pied-à-terre has one- bedroom and bathroom- one of my very dear friends has climbed to her mezzanine sleeping nest with a wonderful little ladder, a cozy hideaway, tucked away under the beams, from which she can see the roofs of Paris and her terrasse/jardin when she wakes up in the morning- heaven!

 "In architecture, a mezzanine or entresol is an intermediate floor between main floors of a building, and therefore typically not counted among the overall floors of a building. Often, a mezzanine is low-ceilinged and projects in the form of a balcony. The term is also used for the lowest balcony in a theater, or for the first few rows of seats in that balcony."- wikepedia

Sometimes the space is minuscule, in height as well as in size. Just a place to sleep. Other times whole rooms are up there, not hidden behind walls, evident to all. A rail of some sort protects the inhabitants from a nasty crash at midnight snack time, but sometimes there is nothing at all and one better be careful. Mezzanines are hideaways, added rooms both charming and convenient, they can be a passage "galerie" to another room or even a library high up on a balcony.

Mezzanine galeries

Transparent rail

Industrial material

Library mezzanine

the sleeping lofts
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au revoir.


  1. "Sleeping Nest" in Paris ...I want that!
    Mary Ann

  2. I love mezzanines...next house will have them starring this post for sure!

  3. We had them in college....I wanted one so bad! I have always loved the concept. The last photo is my favorite.

  4. I love the first photo! And agree with "Classic Casual..." What could be better than a sleeping nest in Paris.