My dear friend Letitia Jett, the magnificent author of the lifestyle blog A Femme d'Un Certain Age and my "co-author" in our soon to be resumed Transatlantic Parallel weekly column, asked a number of designers to participate in her series "Deck the Halls, Tables Doors, etc.,". Illustrated suggestions for decor ideas for the Holidays. If you did not catch it on her blog yet, do visit her as the series continued all week.
This was my contribution, published last Monday. Hope you like it. 

Deck the Halls, Tables, Doors. . . Part I

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart, my great friend, partner in our Transatlantic Parallel series, and creator of the stunning blog Through the French Eye of Design, begins this week's series on holiday decorating. Read her biography when you visit her post today and you will understand her approach to the assignment, which was essentially: Please show us some of your favorite ways of decorating for the season, address the subject in any way you wish. As you can see, she is a woman of extraordinary talent, generosity, and taste.

The idea behind this series is that we can all be inspired by the beauty and unique way it has been translated to enhance la joie de vivre and l'art de vivre. After all, we're here to not only to learn, but to also appropriate the espritand a few of the details chez nous

Merci mille fois, my chere Jeanne-Aelia.
                LES TABLES DE FETE

Letitia Jett, the fabulously clever, fun and interesting author of this blog, asked if I would imagine two decors for the Holidays. It could be anything I wished to write about and illustrate. Easy. What I love most of all when I entertain is les Arts de la Table: the table decor. This is the season to entertain, so, of course, I chose to imagine two very different moods. Very different? well, not really if you think about it... 

You be the judge.

Fête au Château
A Renaissance ambiance in golden tones.

The Look
French classical details, luxurious shimmering objects and accessories and, of course, candle light

The Details
Traditional silver, rich damasks in warm colors, classical plates and fine linens

A slight Italian accent with Putti, and iridescent Venetian glass

A clear glass and crystal everywhere to reflect the candle light

Silver and gold accents

and long candles in candelabras and tall candle holders

Fête Marocaine
An ethnic mood in saturated color.

The Look
Deep hues, bright accents, and rich patterns

The Details

Kilim rug or thick sculpted fabrics as tablecloths

Simple "forged" silver and hand painted plates

Napkins in deep colors

The dappled glow of Moroccan lanterns and sparkling colored glasses

And the muted glow of candles in rainbow hues

Two very different ambiances with two basic elements in common:
warmth and subtle luxury; both very appropriate for Holiday tables.

The world is a deep well of inspiration, is it not?


  1. Dear J-A, your rooms are sumptuous and incredibly festive and inviting... what time should I be there on Christmas?:) Wasn't this a fun way to get the decorating jump-started?

    lots of love


  2. Thnak you Kit; you are so right...apart that to me it's always easier to conceptualize that to actually implement...time wise I mean. LOVED your post.

  3. Beautiful post Jeanne, love your ideas but ended up reading all parts and everyone did a fabulous job!

  4. Oh, dearest Jeanne-Aelia,

    This is so typically you in your bountiful generosity. One of the best experiences of entering into the world of virtual communication was meeting you and being able to share our experiences and most of all developing a true friendship.

    With great, great affection,