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New years Eve can be a very dressy affair. That's assuming you have the kind of celebration to go to which requires that type of apparel. I have not had that pleasure lately. The last time I got very dressed up was for an invitation to a Quadrille a while ago. So no, my New Years Eves do not qualified.
Why is my title Black and White Evening Dress? I am addicted to black and white movies (as yesterday's post will attest). Not the silent ones, I find them much too "unreal" for the most part. No, rather the films from the 30's and 40's where dressing up in ethereal dresses with feathers, multiple tiers of chiffon, ribbons and lace was the norm after 5:00PM. Of course we are talking about the MOVIES. Fantasy and pure fiction. Even then very few if any women dressed like that except for formal affairs, but good old Hollywood wanted you to dream. It seems that the recent evening collections are very reminiscent of the heavenly dresses from those glorious films in which the sets and the costumes were positively stunning.                      *
But what if we flipped things around?
Which couturier dresses of THAT era could have stood the test of time and be quite at home on a 2011 runway? Surprisingly, I did find a few that fit the bill.
Jeanne Lanvin 1937
*                *
Jeanne Lanvin 1925
              Madeleine Vionnet 1931               *
Madeleine Vionnet 1930

Madeleine Vionnet 1936  *

Plus ça change et plus c'est la même chose.
Tonight, dress up and celebrate!

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*   BONNE ANNEE!   *

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  1. I adore the films of the '30s and '40s and the divine confections of style the starlets always seem to be wearing!! Ah, if we could only bring back those frocks even for one night! And wouldn't New Year's Eve be the perfect night!!
    Wishing you a splendid evening of celebrating and all the very best for the New Year!!

  2. I share your obsession for the glamour of old movies. One of my favorite things I liked to do growing up was trying on different outfits and fantasizing about glamourous places I would go one day. I love the looks you've chosen...they would be so appropriate for any occasion...even staying in and drinking champagne.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Happy new year from France !
    Marvellous dresses in black and white !!!
    Have fun tonight !

  4. Great post, love the black and white! Wishing you the very best of New Year Jeanne, have fun tonight!