Leopard print is everywhere

and you may have noticed that not a one is the same. Are there that many races of leopards in Africa? Not that such a small detail has ever stopped a designer...

Let me put it this way.
All I want is one single leopard print chair. Why one single one? because I believe leopard is to a room what salt is to a dish: put in too much and the whole dish is ruined. 
Well, with a tiny difference; al least the leopard you can remove easily (unless you decide to go for broke and carpet your 28ft. living room)
The salt, is more or less there to stay. 

I'll might settle for a bench

or this Lucite version of leopard by Phillipe Stark. At my desk or my vanity.

Thus, the DILEMNA
 Deciding which leopard I want.
What about the ones I don't chose? 
Images isabelle marant, ysl, prada, echosedigngroup, coach, elle decor via remodelista, g nash, kartell

Oh, come on, you are a designer...!

au revoir.

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  1. I'm with you, less is more and that goes for the spots as well. I would love the second leopard print, not to sparse but not to busy. Wonderful post!

  2. if rooms and furniture can be sexy (and I say they CAN) those certainly are!

    loved this post...


  3. Anonymous10/11/10

    Magnificent leopard prints should be admired on the leopard, humans run the risk of looking cheap.
    That said, used in moderation as fashion to wear or in the home, it is a print that demands attention.
    It takes a trained eye to tame leopard and you obviously have that gift.
    X David

  4. Thank you all for the kind words.
    David: This is the only way I can think of to tame a leopard... I always wonder whether using animal print is good as we are using an imitation of a motif we like not killing precious animals or if it is an encouragement enabling poaching by perpetuating admiration of such a motif. ???

  5. Anonymous11/11/10

    Animal prints are fine, no need to feel guilty.
    Quick story, I went to Atlantic City with a friend who wore an imitation full length leopard fur coat. As we entered the casino we were stopped by security and informed that hookers were not allowed and were promptly ushered out.
    I could not stop laughing, I am still laughing, my mortified friend threw her fun fur away the next day.
    X David