DES BOTTES, DES BOTTES partout des bottes

I know, I am stepping somewhat on the (surely by this time, booted) toes my friend Letitia Jett, aka A Femme d'un Certain Age with this post and I am at great risk of not measuring up. She so successfully showed us the "subjects" of her Out and About column (FW2010 version), almost all of them wearing des bottes that I am taking a big breath and going right ahead with the topic anyway, but treating it less as un reportage vérité as she does so well, and more as a press review. 
But back to the subject of boots. They are once again everywhere, in every magazine, every store, on every celebrity, in every style, height and degree of adornment. Once again I say, because quite a while ago, yet it seems like yesterday, they were in every magazine, every store etc... in the 70's to be more precise.  
Back then, also, there were very high ones, knee highs, and ankle bottines
Back then, also, you had better have very toned legs to carry off the high ones.
Jane Fonda


Nancy Sinatra

Pierre Cardin and Courreges to name two couturiers, had a field day- or season- with boots

But this is FW2010/2011
Boots are very much the same but very different. Yes, they come also in tall, medium and short  
but they are worn with much different styles of clothing. As before, the cuissardes- I wore some....I swear- ( from the word cuisse: thigh) are often paired with very short skirts coats or dresses- you have to show SOME skin after all- but this time around no stiff white boots with stiff dresses and coats. The second difference I believe is the height of the heel. While a lot of boots these days are flat- busy schedule oblige- and come in a whole range of sizes

and a whole range of heels
some the size of the Eiffel Tower 

with some cheating going on with thick soles, however

and an endless display of very creative approaches to embellishment.

I will of course never wear the thigh high cuissardes ever again- the years have, at the very least, awakened SOME sense of propriety in me and nature has done the rest- and I would break my neck in 2 seconds on vertiginous heels bien sûr, but beyond that here are 3 style never to grace my pretty legs- really kidding about the pretty.

The ones I will NEVER wear because...

Not my culture

Not my level of balance skills

Not my sense of proportion
Read ELEPHANTESQUE (no translation required) on ANY age, size, shape or form, even if everyone raves about the comfort. I would rather loose all my toes to frostbite. well, no not really but...
and, trust me, I even tried some on for the sake of open-mindedness:  EXTREMELY hideous on me.

on that judgemental note, 

au revoir.

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  1. Anonymous8/11/10

    Remind me to tell you about the time I met Nancy Sinatra, I gotta go to sleep.
    X David

  2. I'm laughing about the ugg boots, nasty things and I wouldn't wear them either. I do have a pair of medium height, very low heel boots that I've worn twice and love.

  3. BOOTS-- They are great when you can wear the crazy
    spikes, I have been looking for a pair of boots with a small heal. Lady looking boot that has a zipper. I have to have a zipper. The pull ons are to hard to get into. NOTHING Now I have been to 4 stores.