There is a very surprising place in Larchmont: a Chinese Pagoda! 
If that is not extraordinary enough, it sells hot dogs. 
Hot dogs are not my favorite food, not even from famous Walter's- I am going to pay for this confession- but it is a very lovely building, very graceful in its pale green patina, adorned with dragons, lanterns and a oriental curvy roof. You queue up to a window, order your preferred style of hot dog and whatever else strikes your fancy: a drink, french fries, onion rings etc. But the main dish, so to speak, is a hot dog.
I just drive by a little slower when I am on the street; I don't stop; it is still a great place even if I "eat" with my eyes only.

and for the Walter's addicts, it's....
(sorry, cell phone photo of a photo behind glass...)

au revoir.

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  1. The outside does look wonderful and I'm so laughing...they sell hotdogs? Yuck! Im with you I don't touch the things nor fried food. Fun building though.