I LOVE navy blue.
I just came back from Paris and noticed that on the street and in the shops, everywhere, navy blue was worn or displayed. (A styliste friend of mine had told us in June that navy was going to be THE shade for fall and winter- a lot of her summer cotton and linen shirts and pants were already in that color- I was delighted to hear that as I have been wearing navy blue scarves, short boots and gloves for a while.) I remember when navy was found exclusively in spring collections.
This time navy came in an array of shades, some more grayish blue, others leaning towards purple or black, all a great soft hue becoming on everyone, blondes, brunettes and red heads alike.
It was mixed with black often, with brown also and at times with animal prints which gives navy blue a hint of daring and a slight ethnicity. 

Navy blue worn on its own,
or mixed with black
Proenza Schouler. 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs. 3. Burberry Prorsum. 4.Aquascutum.

On the street

At Uniqlo,
with a crisp white shirt and black pants

In a number of designers' collections

The navy blue accessories
all great worn with black or brown, or even navy for a total look in camaieux, a monochrome look.

Even the house of Mademoiselle has gone blue.

just as Burberry mens'wear

And for evening, what can be prettier than a softer version of black.
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au revoir.


  1. My cherest Jeanne-Aelia,

    I WISH we were sisters, that's all I can say. I too absolutely love navy blue. It's my black that isn't. I own tons of it.

    If you don't mind, maybe I'll talk about it next week and then link over to you here. You've done a beautiful job with it. You've also, with your artist's eye, pointed out all the colors with which it works. YSL taught yes black and blue works, but not many think about brown.

    Fab-u-lous post. And, btw, maybe some time you're in Paris we could have a coupe or two????


  2. Chere Letitia, please do write a post on navy. I will wait impatiently for you take on it. Fabulous I know! Apart from the oodles of navy we wore as girls, my first great ensemble was a YSL for Boutique Elle (do you remember it?) it was a 3/4 length safari jacket type of top with a straight skirt and a chain belt in navy wool jersey. I wore ALL the time. Wish i still had it , not that I would still fit in it...
    Yes let's meet the next time I have more than a couple of hours in Paris ; soooo rare... Merci et a bientot.

  3. Anonymous28/10/10

    Lovely navy.... and your examples are very very nice. The handbag, the animal print scarf, the
    brogues. After black I usually choose blue but seldom do I go after navy. Curious but now I'm
    opening my eyes to navy. T.Y.

  4. Harriet1/11/10

    Navy is a lovely colour, however, I'm ususally a little nervous at steering away from my typically black wardrobe. The garments you have chosen are so lovely, I'm very tempted by the second Jil Sander blazer.

  5. Subtil, élégant, chic, classe quoi !

  6. Wonderful post, all the way to the navy shoes which are so difficult to find.

  7. Ooh, navy is my all-time favourite colour. I'm your newest follower as a result of Tish's post ☺. J x