TANGIER: a little shopping


I will delay my south of France post till tomorrow to show you my treasures. 

It is so easy to get carried away in Morocco and I have done my fair share of shopping, but the more I go, the more I wish for custom or redesigned piecesrelookés as we say in French-  be they jewelry, scarves, or decorative objects.

The girls wanted silver something from the adorable silversmith who makes almost anything you want in 2 to 3 days.

A custom basket weave ring and simple bangles

I LOVE kaftans and I wear one every morning now. They take the place of a robe but the look is much more presentable; maybe you are like me: I like to start the day with breakfast before dressing when I have the time. 
This is the one I had made this time around from fabric I brought from the States- as usual; very simple, ankle length, with color coordinated contrasting fabric details and handmade cord and buttons (they look a little like the Charvet cufflinks). The tailor even made drawstring pants to go with it. Just the very bottom of the leg shows and it's great fun.

We also found a weaver who is a genius at colors- Moroccans are color pro's- ( though I suspect some passing designer might have planted the little seed which grew into his divine collection) I can't wait to wear it this winter. 
I don't think anyone will miss me, it's so bright! just what the dull winter days of New York require...
Not a huge amount of buying during this trip, mostly discovering new places and meeting new people and catching up with the others.
Great fun as usual.
au revoir.


  1. That ring is fabulous! Simply lovely, enjoy your trip!

  2. Anonymous27/8/10

    oh my god i thank you so much for following me, its such an honor :)

  3. Acquired Objects: merci, and I am back ... sigh...
    Cheaper than Therapy: I really enjoyed your blog and I'll be back there often. Bravo.

  4. Love the jewelry, esp the ring.... Love Morocco...Maryannexo And the food......