This time, we decided to walk around the Vieille Montagne where Villa Victoria (yesterday's post) is situated; that area of Tangier is full of wonderful properties with huge walls, luxuriant gardens and charm galore. The images below were taken in the garden of a house being renovated and getting a  magnificent pool. There is a lot of work ahead still but it seems the owner  wants to be true to the mood of the grounds while making them a little more "manageable". 
I adore bougainvillia and Tangier is the right climate for them as testified by their presence in almost every garden of Tangier.

The alleys of the villa have seen better days but oh, what charm.
The pool and its stunning pool house is not yet complete of course and yet it is easy to imagine what a relaxing place  it will be.
Moroccans sure know how to say "welcome, please come in" with panache! 
Or is it "stay out" with elegance.

On a totally different and amusing note:
I already showed you the little window of this house in the Kasbah.
 The creative owner seems to need to improve on it every year...  
Tomorrow I will take you to the south of France.
Lots of stones....

au revoir.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing your trip and I can't wait to see tomrorow's post!