Nan Mabon

The American owner of Antiques Resource, the enormously successful antique furniture and accessories sourcing and buying service in London for the past 17 years, is a weekly contributor to my blog; she has the most exquisite taste, she knows the London market thoroughly and will certainly dazzle us with her choices and reports from one of the most lively, most trendy cities in Europe.

"The English countryside in spring is a glorious thing to behold. There is a wonderful "Trade Only" dealer about an hour and a half drive south of London on the Kent /East Sussex border who lives on a lovely farm and uses his barn and other out buildings to display a wonderful collection of antiques.  He isn't far from the Channel Tunnel, so he buys a lot in France but also stocks many English country pieces as well as a sampling of mid-century pieces.  His wife is the restorer and together they present their stock in an unusually artful way.  Here are a few of the things that I enjoyed seeing last Saturday."
*Editor's note: I have added a few comments and suggestions; I know Nan will forgive me; She has quite a great designer's eye and knows that most interior designers cannot refrain from adding their two cents' worth.
Great set of (6) French 19th century dining chairs

I could see these covered in raw linen around a very simple card table painted a mat blue gray Gustavian finish.
Late 19th century English roll-top desk

What a fabulous desk! perfect for a corner in a guest room with a small lucite chair. I really love the zinc watering can and the metal barrel. Just right for a corner in a slightly disheveled English garden.
19th century Anglo-Chinese tea table

This piece I can imagine in a verriere with a silver tea set; 4 Loyd Loom chairs in a deep burgundy red surrounding it and a fabulous silver tea set on a big silver tray. I am at once transported to Indochine.
19th century French brewery/hops shovels

Not quite appropriate  for shoveling snow, but I would surely hang these over a rustic chalet fireplace.
Pair of late Victorian library chairs
Imagine the scene: these 2  stunning chairs next to a deep velvet sofa, in a dark olive library, with generous blue gray Fortuny print curtains; Oh, and a good book.
Early 19th century English 3-legged tavern table
This table would look great in a beach house, a NYC kitchen, a country living room at the end of a sofa. Great lines, fabulous patina.
French lobster basket
Bait was put inside and the lobster would enter through the hole at the top but unable to get out stopped by the "funnel" inside.
I remember seeing these in Brittany when I was young.
I think they would make quite a statement on a front hall table, next to a large bowl full of pale green glass floaters.
Pair of English early 19th century marble "Grand Tour" columns made into lamps
All that is missing are 2 soft silk shades in tones of rusty orange and your sideboard is ready for it's close-up, wouldn't you say?
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Merci Nan 
A la semaine prochaine!
au revoir.


  1. I am in love with those library chairs! Great finds.. I wish I could go there! I could see the lobster basket as a pendant fixture...another designer putting in her two cents :)

  2. Great stuff, why anyone would chose cheap Ikea rubbish over these beautiful furniture examples if beyond me

  3. I love those shovels and metal baskets! It is a dream of mine to be able to scour the antiques of France and bring treasures home with me. One day...