Water is poured to turn un petit Pastis into a milky aperitif in the summer in the south of France; we savor a tall glass of water after a hard workout; in India a tall cold metal tumbler of water covered with a small round net is offered the minute you enter a home or office. 
And all this water is poured from various containers, usually pitchers in all shapes sizes and materials; I love the shapes of water pitchers, their elegant beaks, there round bellies or slender lines, their graceful arms; here are a few to be admired.

This one I wish I owned. 
brass and parchment by Aldo Tura 1940's. wow!

The classics
Meriden 1880, mixed metal
Tiffany. Japonesque hammered silver

the moderns
Jewel Stern; mid-century Bakelite, plastic and silver

Bernard Rice 1920's silver Skyscraper Pitcher
Maciel, Mexico; mid century silver

Mueller Munk; Normandie Art Deco

French mid-century 
Picasso, Vallauris; 50's 
Alexandre Noll, sycamore 50's

Mid-century, unknown potter
Mid Century, Vallauris Poterie
Robert et Jean Cloutier 50's
Jacques Blin 50's

Animal imagery
Los Castillo, Mexico; Toucan


Hunting imagery
19th century English

A few of mine 
classic and generous and beautifully hammered
Mid Century Penguins
(notice the holes on the inside to prevent ice from falling into the glass)

Diner style; sleek aluminum
50's  amber pressed glass

Mid century American
Russell Wright
images modernism gallery, 1st dibs, PBA auctions, jadhny

au revoir.


  1. I guess the bottom line is Any beautiful pitcher will do for a Pastis, at least that's what robes says. THOSE ARE SOM BEAUTIFUL ONES YOU HAVE THERE!I also like the glass carafes made by the pastis makers with their logo on them like Pernod and Ricard. Thanks Maryanne

  2. The Munk is my favorite! tres cool ! hope you're having fun we miss you here! :) je taime