c'est lundi 

It's time for the game that Letitia Jett, A Femme d'un Certain Age, and I play each week on our blogs. We compare our views on our adopted countries, France for Letitia and The States for me. There are some things we really love, others not so much. Good or bad, fun or unpleasant, whatever our point of view, we bring it to you; so, please tell us what your thoughts are; agree or disagree, it's all good for this Franco-American exchange.

Today's topics are more fun than ever:
 Ice cubes:
Why, oh why, does every drink ordered here, have to come poured over 10 tons of ice cubes? I love a cold drink, especially in the summer, like everyone else; but "ICE cold"? no thank you; and on top of that, in the said summer, what do you have before you have finished savoring your drink? a completely watered down version of the original.. so, no thank you. 
By the way , DO NOT forget to ask for you beverage WITH NO ICE, thank you; sinon...oui, une tonne de glace.

All right, another bone of contention; why, oh why does EVERYONE have to carry a coffee cup, or a personal coffee thermos every where? Get up a little earlier in the morning and take your time, have a nice breakfast with coffee... pas mieux? and during the day? have a nice quick lunch if necessary and take the time to drink your coffee at the table, unhurriedly. Promise, it will be much better; for you; and for the people riding the train or crossing the street who fear they might be covered in brownish liquid in a split second of (sleepy?) inadvertence...oh, and that cup of coffee? have you noticed? ALWAYS with milk; well, a little less now, thanks to George Clooneychacun à son gout.

Bon, no more complaining. 

Handwritten letters:

 2 small confessions:
I. I love to receive des jolies lettres écrites à la main. (anyone else, PLEASE refrain from sending me mail at all.)
2. I am VERY BAD at sending them. 
Thank you notes, yes. It is the very minimum one can do after having been the object of someone's kind attentions. 
Christmas cards... well, I am not really good about sending Christmas cards. I must admit I like receiving the ones with photos and a short recap of family history; but the daunting task of finding "good" cards, and then finding something other than bland to say on each one is very very often, well, beyond me. All of you out there still waiting, please give up for this year. Thank you, et pardonnez-moi.
Invitations: I'll let le chat out of le sac; paperlesspost.com  allows you to send emails where an envelope appears; if you click, it turns around to the side to open; if you click again, it opens and up slides the pretty card with your message or invitation on it; you can choose the style of the stationary and the text etc. and they put it all together for you and you can even immediately respond; all you have to do is click again; et voila! very chic, MUCH more chic than a plain email, I find, and so convenient. à bon entendeur, salut... check it out. 
Editor's note: I must admit I do love to put a lot of creative effort into making my own invitations. That is a big part of the fun of the party for me.

Great job!:
I love the way children and young adults are encouraged throughout their youth in everything they do here. For sports there are awards and award ceremonies with all the parents, coaches and teachers in attendance; and at the end of high school or college studies, there are the multitude of graduation ceremonies that bring friends, parents and teachers again together in a big show of confidence-building speeches and diploma giving. Great job!  
Slightly more fun than the life-altering day of baccalaureat exam results, where names of the reçus are on a long list; better be on it; that's it.
Mind you, when you have known nothing else, I suppose you don't really mind. 
Still, graduations are MUCH more fun.

Alors, what do you think? Agree, disagree? et toi,Letitia? Please leave a petit commentaire below or vite, go see a femme d'un certain age 's take all of this and let us know; on which ever side of the ocean you care to leave your comment.
merci, Letitia, 
à lundi

au revoir.


  1. Ah, my chere partenaire, beautifully done. All the credit goes to you for coming up with this brilliant idea.

    What fun I'm having, particularly about the ice this week. You really make me think.

    When it's in my glass in the States I don't notice it and when there's none in it in France I've become accustomed to that as well and don't notice. (To tell you the truth I think Americans put lots of ice in beverages -- not water obviously -- so they can give you less to drink.) Also, never thought about your point about ice diluting the liquid. How right you are.

    Onward and upward, chere Jeanne-Aelia.

    xo, Letitia

  2. for oh so many years, i wrote on every christmas card i sent out, and send them i did every single christmas. however, during the past five years or so, i've lost momentum, and now two years in succession i've not sent any. i've wondered if it is related to the changes in availability of communication year-round? email, facebook, cellphones with unlimited calling, all seem to have nibbled away at the need for a yearly contact with distant friends. life is funny...

  3. Letitia, merci; comme toujours, tres genereuse.
    Jadie, thank you so much for visiting and for leaving you insightful message; You make such a good point about all the communication possibilities at our disposal. Like water, we take the path of least resistance...

  4. Anonymous2/2/10

    Here's why I carry coffee around: it's like a pacifier. A little sippy cup to help me deal with the pain and boredom.
    Not all of us can live in Paris.

  5. Oh, you have a point and so very well said! I hope you don't have too much pain and as for boredom, you are right, we do a lot of things out of boredom. By the Way I don't live in Paris, and I still don't love to see a coffee cup in every hand (or so it seems)forgive me, I am making a comment not a judgement; so thank you for the very pertinent commment. Please visit again.

  6. Very fun idea and post Jeanne-Aelia!! I love reading your takes on life here in America and Tish's in Paris....keep it up!!

    bisous a tous!