After a few years of antiqued bronze this and bronze that, shiny bright reddish copper has been springing up in the world of fashion but also in all kinds of  decorative home accessories. The warmer shade of gold marries well with warm spicy colors but is even more spectacular with grays and jewel tones.

a classic tin plated copper tub straight from of Out of Africa.

the ubiquitous artichoke lamp translated this time into rich copper.

a pair of shining copper columns standing at attention

 Tom Dixon's Copper Shade lamp. I just used this fixture in a pale gray kitchen over the breakfast table; stunning.

in the front hall of a chateau in belgium

like an army in a neat row over a long line of tables

a cooper glazed ostrich egg; a soft glow for a soft shape.

copper salt and pepper shaker with a 50's vibe

a sculptural wash basin in hammered copper. the perfect raw look to go with a rough stone wall and dark hardware

for the color coordination lovers, a total array to choose from

of course, Murano does metal dust inclusions like no one else. This bowl is  simply extraordinary.

images dekio, theendofhistory, skona hem, gasolinealleyantiques, bozea, mialinnman, aphrodite, wejetset, via google

au revoir.


  1. Hmmmm...not every one can work "metal dust inclusions" into a conversation! I love all of the examples of copper.

  2. You are right, the term is somewhat complicated but I think it really says what it means. Thanks for your constant and kind support Theresa.