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The symbol of an era full of cozy lives and luxurious travels is the bellhop and his iconic short, double buttoned, Spencer jacket and side stripe pants. It speaks to me, the lover of all things 40's, of Fred Astaire movies, Ocean Liner chic and old style luxury hotels.  I found some images that really bring back that era and I want to share them with you.

memorabilia at flea markets, this one somewhere in France.

wood statuette from the 40's holding salt and pepper shaker suitcases

the famous French cartoon character Spirou who got into all sorts of adventures in the 50's

One of J.C.Leyendecker's front page illustrations which he created for the paper in the 30's

a surprising 40's porcelain salt and pepper shaker: pastel color and ...girl power

a whimsical letter box, most certainly long gone; mail chic

bellhop in a 50's illustration, probably an add for a hotel with a kidney shaped pool and free form coffer ceilings. 

images anonymousworks, ebay, curtis publishing, parisparfait, kitchy-kitchy-coo, via google

au revoir.

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