Yulelog cakes


This year, I am taking mon courage à deux mains ( my courage in both my hands- loose translation: I am taking a deep breath) I will bravely struggle through the making of a Bûche de Noël, a Yulelog cake, you know the one in the shape of a log. The recipe is manageable, the decorating is so much fun; So what is the problem, you ask? the rolling of the gateau into the approximate shape and size of a cream stuffed, rolled, Sunday paper; you see, the other times I have dared to consider this discouragingly simple (?) process, that one step  went dramatically wrong; it cracked and collapsed and basically came out resembling the average omelette baveuse (a goooooy omelet). I like my omelette baveuse, not my bûche. I will not, however, give into the temptation of heading straight to the patisseries of Paris below ( or the New York equivalent...) as I must, one gratifying day, to save the family honor, successfully serve a good looking, delicious, solid BUCHE DE NOEL....

The Paris Masters

Angelina- very successful Chanel look

Dalloyau- tablecloth color coordination

Lenotre by Phillipe Stark: ready for serious construction

Fauchon- graphic button covered pole

Laduree-  Merlin the Magician

Pierre Herme -with Swarosky- a Winter Wonderland

Pierre Marcolini-  gathered blouse detail

The very well crafted classics

La tartine Gourmande- orange rind marvel

Celine Nikki- classic perfection

Wish me luck!

Au revoir.


  1. Believe me, I wish you bonne chance, good luck, whatever you need to produce one of those.

    I've never, ever tried though I have friends who whip them out every year.

    This is one adventure where you'll have to give us a follow-up. I can't wait to hear -- and oh, yes, take a picture to see how it compares with the ones you've shown us here.


  2. Allright Tish, I'll be even braver than just making a Buche, I'll take a photo.. and post it...now, THAT takes beaucoup de courage! if it is REALLY bad, by that I mean, LOOKS really bad, I'll take the 5th. or I'll post one from Payard or something; Did you ever see the New Yorker cartoon of the 2 dogs in from of a computer, and one says to the other "Go ahead, on the internet, noone knows you are a dog". Well, noone knows whose buche it is.... no, just joking, I won't cheat.

  3. Those Yulelogs are great.
    I would't try to do it.
    My Mamma used to make jelly rolls
    This is for the French Masters... OOOOh

    I want you to be a follower on my site you are wonderful..


  4. Thank you la petite gallery, very kind words. I will check your site, of course.