Desk accessories


It is indeed, no doubt there, the "Holiday Season". And yet, between party planning, Christmas shopping, card sending, appointment making, (with those specialists who "should" make me look as if all of this is as easy as un, deux, trois), I do have a little work to do. And so, as I am slowly moving down my interminable to-do list, I cannot but notice the wonderful objects and the containers of myriads of smaller objects on my desk; they are indispensable to the day-to-day running of my professional occupation, there, not only to charmingly crowd my desktop, but actually, to attempt to help things move along in an efficient, organized, and consequently, much more pleasant manner. Here are a few of my favorite ones .

the modern silver: that heirloom feeling

 A 3 story silver cage for my color pencils

soft clean lines for a glass and silver Sculpture/Letter Opener; for the beauty of it only

My hand painted (merci Anne) teacup's saucer. a must

 pottery: when a large amount needs a home

a little "critter' crawling up the stamp bowl

Clarisse Cliff; one of her best collections

the modern and the antique: a happy family

Mid Century Danish for the sleek home office

1900's cast iron Baroque

the mid-century vintage plastic: very Madmen

40's letter opener. The Fuller Brush man

au revoir.


  1. Bonjour Jeanne-aelia...loved seeing you through the items you keep at your finger tips. I always collect too much clutter...but there is the favorite pencils, antique cup, paperweight, lately a scented candle. Great post. Thank you for your comment, as well. Best wishes, Trish

  2. Thank you for your kind comment, Trish.

  3. What a great post, what a great idea. You should propose it as an idea to whatever decorating magazines are left in this world. Really, really you should.

    You made me lol, chez moi today.

    You're up tomorrow, Cherie.


  4. Thank you Tish. Such a great idea! maybe ask my readers, followers, friends and those who are all 3 rolled into one, to contribute an image of their one favorite desktop item with a short bio? You are definitely a great inspiration; and now I am going to discover the result the french eye/ a femme d'un certain age collaborative effort... no doubt fun ! can't wait!

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