Today a BIG surprise here!

 the image above is our very first giveaway from allmodern; but, wait, don't peek yet...I'll get to that in a few moments!

For now, let me share with you a few decorative, fun, artsy, clever ways we "recycle, reuse" and in fact represent, this amazingly good looking piece of obsolete equipment and pause for a moment of silent admiration for all those typists who have slaved on them year in and year out in the past, and for those who still do. Bravo et Merci, Mesdames et Messieurs.

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And now, "roulement de tambour" s'il vous plait:
all modern, a CSN e.store, is giving away to one of The French Eye readers a prize that anyone who has a laptop is sure to adore: the fun laptop cover above, is 100% linen printed by Thomas Paul in his inimitable dictionary-illustration style , with, what else? an old typewriter;(All Modern and the CSN is a network of 250+ online stores, where shoppers have access to one million products from great lines such as Dwell Studio, Herman Miller, Blu Dot, and many more.)

To enter for a chance to win this giveaway: simply visit allmodern (and don't omit to go to Alessi,one of my favorites designers)and find 2 items that you love. Then share those items in a comment, at the bottom of  this giveaway post. Make sure to get your comment in before midnight (EST)on Wednesday (12/9). I will post the name of the randomly selected winner on Thursday (12/10). *Please note that this contest is open only to readers with United States and Canada addresses due to shipping costs. So sorry.
The prize will be shipped to the lucky winner by allmodern directly.
bonne chance!
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au revoir.


  1. I love the typewriter laptop case! It would look great in my backpack and at the library. Other great pieces that would help out my studying from the allmodern web site are Herman Miller's Eames Lounge and Ottoman that I looove (http://www.allmodern.com/Herman-Miller-%AE-ES67071-HML1154.html). My desk could also totally use the funky paper clip holder that Alessi has to offer (http://www.allmodern.com/Alessi-AMK01-AAS1057.html) and I actually really enjoy all their cute animal/creature inspired gadgets and gizmos. Thank you!

  2. Like the preceeding poster, I have always loved the Eames Chair and Ottoman and am almost olg enough to have witnessed its debut!!!
    I also really like the geometrical pillows from Dwell studio. Thank you for the link. I will put it in my favorites

  3. Great case - hope I win! Well... here goes:
    LOVE the watch - black and ALLMODERN (*wink!)


    the little guy's totally cute, falling from his jar!


  4. Margaret7/12/09

    How can you outdo the lounge and Ottoman?, I also love the Alessi Mr. Chin Bookmarkers and the Alessi Parmesan cheese cellar, a must for for any pasta lover!

    I really love your blog and check-in daily, the typewriter theme is brilliant.

  5. 1. Sweet Marmalade Lounge Cardboard Scratcher (for cats)
    2. Alessi Pescher Trivet

    Both are stylish and practical. Hope I win!

  6. crap.. got my days mixed up. i'm too late, oh well :(

  7. Thank you all for participating! and a big thanks to almodern.com