Bird cages


When I considered a post about bird cages I was very excited but 2 thoughts came to mind: 1) I really can't stand the idea of a bird locked in a cage. ( the North African proverb that says "better 1 bird in the cage, than 2 on the branch, is fine metaphorically, but not textually at all! better all on the branch, in my book!) 2) Alfred Hichtcock's movie The Birds...well, maybe, in this precise case... a cage...; in any case I will show you bird cages that are lovely, stunning, whimsical and some handsome antique ones, but rest assured, no bird was hurt caged in any way to make write this post, as they say in the movies.

very busy lady, but then again, this is China;
from the source...

...to the consumer

Bergdorf Goodman's NYC window

made in France, and made by hand

bois decoupe



magnificent antique piece

Roberto Cavalli's home
weathered cage,  happy metal bird

le jardin de dom
bird cage lighting (notice the tiny fake birds)

style hive and euroantiquemarket
bird cage centerpieces;  bucolic mood meals

de beaux souvenirs

on a great sofa?

sticker for a make believe corner

bird cage cabinetry like dish aviaries

up, up ,and away ... catch them if you can?

maison d'un reve

Small is beautiful

geneine honey

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au revoir.

Added at the suggestion of reader Joy

Urban Outfitters
Thank you joy.


  1. Cheap alternative to "la cage" with the added shelving bonus from Urban Outfitters:


  2. I had to add these great ideas from Urban outfitters. Thanks.

  3. I am in search of the perfect bird cage for my courtyard. Thank you for the inspiration.


  4. I am so glad you found inspiration on this post. That is why we do this, right? Thank you.

  5. Anonymous13/12/11

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