breathtaking 40's flair

Sconces are the fixtures that light our path indoors and out with unassuming discretion or pompous fanfare while staying out of the way perched as they are on the walls they illuminate and decorate; whether cute or spectacular, solely functional or blatantly showy, they are like the cherry on top the proverbial cake: putting the perfect decorative touch on our designs.

middle-ages modern


 40's Hollywood glamour

all tantacular arms


multiplied for effect


NYC's iconic building lights

Russian subway magnificence

Russian "spoutnik" mood

images  the vintage laundress, jmac, xjavierx, barbara tempel, utinni, aphrochic, les illuminaires via flickr and william a boyd

au revoir.


  1. I have always loved sconces for the ambient light they give a room. I usually have a pair or two somewhere around Garvinweasel waiting to be re-wired or the right shade... I like half-round shades on candle-style sconces, especially in a bathroom. But these... you have some very unusual sconces here, and it's a delightful surprise. I love the Sputnik model!

  2. Thank you jamesxvi. I am glad you mentioned the bathroom sconces; I omitted to include them and it's a shame. On my future bathroom post? I was, on the other hand, surpeised by the Russian Subway sconce; I had no idea there was still splendors like that in public spaces there; I have never been to Russia - yet ...-

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