The door to a home, an edifice or a courtyard makes a strong first impression on the visitor who is about to cross its threshold and that impression will last for a long time. It says a lot about the place it protects and hides when it is closed and the mood that transpires when it is open. What interests me today in the variety of doors that front buildings around the world, is not only the message they send but also the care, artistry and originality that are obvious in even the most modest of them.

the warm and fuzzy feeling of red doors

ying and yang
the sweetly decorated and the "please-use-other-door" door

 shutter-like wooden  doors in Asilha

Painted-on grandeur: the little door that could

the South of France
a very authentic,very weathered door for a very private garden

the roundness of the structure echoed in the door 

super clean geometry

DYI on acid

graphically modern
a safe haven in a dark deserted night?

modern lines and curves of the talented architect

 grids say enter at your own risk

New York City
the sleek glamour of a 30's brass building entrance door

images swisscan, framajo, ebsylvester, tim van kempen, maistora, donna clorless, uteart, atelier teee, siuloon, jessiqua, manganite all vias flickr,  and JADHny

au revoir.


  1. Dear Jeanne-Aelia,

    These are so beautiful and I love the sconces. I have a favor to ask of you. Would you be so kind as to e-mail me so we can "speak off-the-record"?


    Merci par avance.

  2. Anonymous7/12/09

    Very nice collection and inspirational words!

    Just a little thought: Are you sure you are observing copyright term and conditions? As a minimum (with royalty-free images) you would be required to porvide credits (mention the authors) or a URL link to the source.
    Or are these photos all taken by yourself?

  3. I try to credit every single picture I post. I hope I am not making mistakes. I do want to give credit where crdit is due as artists live from their work and photographers even more so. let me know if you have spotted an omission. I will immediately coreect it. Thank you for the tip.