Choosing a wall that will grab all the attention in a space is not as tricky as it may sound; it's all about deciding which main piece of furniture or specific character of the room is worthy of being put on the pedestal, like choosing: bright red lipstick? bold eye make-up? you just can't have both. It's about knowing which feature deserves to be the star of the night, or in the case of a wall, the star of the room. An accent wall can dramatically change the proportions of a room by drawing the eye towards it and away from, let's say, an awkward corner, a very long hall, a dark area, a ceiling that is much too high. It takes a bit of thought and some nerve, but in the end, the result is well worth all the agonizing. 

accent wall as artwork

 as highlighter pen

as blending element

 as headboard/alcove in Morocco

as a wooden ray of sun

images xjavierx, kelliente, swelldesigner, mauresque, metropolitan home pierre jean verger via google and flickr

au revoir.

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