On a lazy, rainy (or snowy) afternoon, I would really love to lounge in a deep, deep sofa, for hours, with a good book and a cup of hot tea and not see the time go by. A deep sofa is exactly like a large bed; same comfort level, same space, size, height; the big difference is that I probably would not spend an afternoon in bed, even on a morose rainy day, unless I was sick; not just-a-cold sick, but a real I-can't-stand-on-my-feet sick. It just would not feel right. On the other hand, on a deep, deep sofa, I would be perfectly happy; no guilt, no embarrassment, no second thought. Then why don't I do just that? my living room could not hold 2 deep,deep sofas any more than it could fit 2 king size beds, in fact. So, for the moment, I will have to stick to my comfortable, average size, perfectly acceptable sofas with my feet on the coffee table or a padded ottoman; but this is no reason not to show you the deep, deep sofas I dream about.

like a super size bed to get lost in

the vast sectionals

double comfort in double the real estate

the future is like a football field

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au revoir.

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