WHITE: bridal white, Snow White, egg whites, off-white, as white as driven snow; when you think of white, you don't only think of snow, but also of white cotton and white sand and summer; but there are so many whites; like the soft white of raw wool and unbleached silk, of an ostrich egg and of ivory; the stark white of summery cotton, the bluish white of synthetic sheers; surely, you have been amazed by the countless whites on offer at the corner paint store. Use a white with other whites, and see the place diffuses a sense of refinement and subtlety like a luxurious white wool coat in winter. Energize it with as little as a hint of color and the entire area comes alive.

a cool white room with mirrors, mimicking ice

ahhh..inviting marshmallow rooms; the pleasure of impeccable plain cotton;

warm white; the creaminess of ivory, the simplicity of one color

white with gray: modern lines, modern shades, modern feel

the starkness of this dining room is softened by the blond wood,
but energized by the striking picture

in white spaces, dirt is quickly exposed; no cheating possible

a small, rather dark studio apartment brightened by a stark white monochromatic scheme

simple line, softness all around for a relaxing meal

the modern office as super efficient space; all-business in a  casual way

Victorian minimalism; interestingly, the architectural details really stand out

like white waves on a tropical beach; refreshing after a long hot day

Morocco as it is seldom seen without spicy colors? Moroccan just the same

a restful siesta awaits or just a little me-time with a good book

and as long as you are going all white...

 ... spray-can your Barbie Doll bath, you'll get this milky Disney still.

images: living etc., baliboro via flickr, elle decor, via desire to inspire. marie claire maison

au revoir.

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