Studs at home


I have been noticing studs as a big design element in the fashion world.
They are everywhere. (check out http://legiterally.blogspot.com/)
That trend has also trickled down to furniture,
accessories, and decorative elements.
They have been used on classic sofas and chairs for years
but here are some new applications.

This is a fantastic way to customise a plain mantle.
The contrast between the warm leather and the cool grey paint
is accentuated by the simple gold studs .

What a creative way to finish what would otherwise be very simple "poufs".
One is very North African in feeling,
the other more geometric,
yet both are very modern. 
The simplicity of the poufs themselves
make the 2 looks very contemporary.

Studs are even decorating the doors of an orientalist home in Paris, and Barbara Hutton's ryad Sidi Hosni, in Tangier, Morocco. This detail can still be seen in a lot of movies from the twenties like The Thin Man, but in this case the look is totally Moroccan modern even though Barbara Hutton designed her house in the 60's.

au revoir.

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