Stripes at home


Today will be a stripe day
Everything stripe
Everything color saturated stripes
A simple pattern
A very effective decorative detail
Even the most mundane object can elegantly
wear stripes if they are artfully executed

the proof is in the bottle.

 Toiles du Soleil fabric, one of my very favorite striped fabrics,
here on 2 very inviting chairs,
makes this small library come alive,
echoing the pattern of the books
and the bright tone of the scuptural 40's pagoda-like lamp.
photo William A Boyd

Aren't those the exact stripes from the library chairs
Toiles du Soleil are weaving over there,
in the Pyrénées, the mountains of the southwest of France?

Patterned stripes on a Moroccan rug
lend warm spicy colors to this scarcely furnished Tangier living room.
Note the simplicity of all the other elements in the room;
less is indeed more here.
Stripes again, this time on antique chairs in the south of France.
Just perfect and just enough color;
in a pure white room, a modern pure white sofa meets
an imposing antique mohogany armoire,
newly upholstered antique chairs
and an antique Kerouan rug from Tunisia,
and they all get along just fine.
Opposites attract.

Stripes; every possible combination;
they were all there, hanging from the roof of this shop
in Asilha, Morocco, waiting, perhaps, to be taken to the new world...
what a beautiful collection;
every one a perfect future pillow, or colorful bedspread,
or wonderful throw waiting for a buyer and a home to dazzle.

Very bright bed cover;
very sofly colored room;
a fabulous mix.
This must be one of the blankets that did find a buyer.

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