I just cannot wait to take off for Tangier tomorrow. It's that wonderful time when my twin sister, 4 of our very best friends and I go on our yearly trip to her house in Tangier, northern Morocco. The weather is going to be fantastic, we have a list of new places to discover and we are staying a little longer than a week this time.
We all cannot wait to once again enjoy all the bright flowers and the majestuous palm trees.

 A strong glass of mint tea will be so welcome!
We have a themed "event" the evening of our arrival at the house, each year.
The first time we had to bring a champagne glass of our choice. That was clear cut and we all "shined". There are now 6 fabulous champagne flutes at the house waiting to be filled as soon as we have settled in our rooms. 
Last year, 4 of us dressed as ONE camel -it had a lot of legs- complete with a fabric-covered-broom "camel neck" (there was,however, one belly dancer; (no, not me…) We did a short, messy, disorganized but hilarious and fun "number".
This time around Joëlle has chosen "La vie est belle!" (Life is beautiful) 
Quite a wide subject and we all agree, we have found it rather challenging. There is an additional twist: whatever our "project" (it can be a song, a poem, art, a tutu dance even, anything we judge fit for the idea of "La vie est belle"), each one will draw a name to choose to whom our "project" will be  addressed.
I can't wait to discover the madness; and it is definitely madness as we each want to surprise, amuse and, let's admit it, humbly impress the others…

au revoir.


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  3. What a lovely gift. I am so happy for you, first of all going to a place like Tangier,
    but must of all being with friends you love. Have a fabulous time and take some photo's.
    I have never seen this country. Looks fabulous. yvonne

  4. Have a wonderful time and tell us about the trip. yvonne