Today I am off to the south of France.
For a month.
A month of relaxation, sun, swimming, friends, "marchés", great food; all the fun stuff.
Idyllic, right?
Yes and no.
I am taking my office with me.
Our New York show (ex- NYIGF now named NYNOW) takes place in mid August and that's about a month away. Thus, rather than staying in Paris, I find it much more fun to go down there, and put aside some time everyday to do some work. After all, a lot of people actually WORK in the south of France...
We have not been there for a year and we are very impatient to find out if the bamboos have actually really grown as much as we have been told and if the new laurels have indeed made it  through the winter- in the Ardèche, even southern Ardèche, summers are very hot but winters can be very cold!

So there. 
I'll report very soon. 
Now, how to be sure we have cell phone service and the internet will cooperate. That is the question. 
Here is hoping. 

Au revoir.

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