LA PAUSE: a "camp" near Marrakesh

LA PAUSE :un "camp" de campagne près de Marrakech

A dining tent: 
the ground is covered in carpets in various sizes and shades of rich red. The tent top is made of thick dark brown wool rug-like fabric typical of the south of Morocco.

Wrought iron furniture of the rugged-look kind

There is no electricity, so all the lighting comes from lanterns and candles (up and down the  path to the various dining tents, lanterns are hung from a multitude of iron hooks panted into the rocky ground)

Straw adobe pillars and walls and bamboo ceilings

Furniture made in Essaouira of braided palm fronds
Notice the breathtaking view from our tent.

Fun hand-painted glasses. I just could not help buying some...

A fabulously pretty and delicious meal:
Cabbage roll, upside down carrot-stuffed tomato, sesame arugula salad and a Tajine of  lamb with pear, apricot and prunes. 


au revoir.


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  2. I absolutely NEED to go there. So beautiful in a rugged yet incredibly refined way.