The electrician is coming on Wednesday and FINALLY we will have something other than bare bulbs hanging from the ceilings of our apartment.
I have been searching left and right for something that would make a statement in our living room cum dining area, something modern and spectacular but light and airy. Something that would not block the view to the windows of the space. 
My first choice was a fabulous piece by the wonderful Billy Cotton whose designs I adore. 

But the difficulty there, is that it is made in the US and shipping would be a big challenge. I need to keep things simple, and I need lighting now. So a choice was made: the Artemide Pirce.
It's huge but not overpowering. I am pleased as it won't block the view through to the French door style windows and it won't look took busy in a space already a little "heavy on the visual".

The next decision to be made was for the hall going to our bedroom and office. I will hang 3 decorative bulbs in a row with pretty orange wire. Fun and quick.

Then, one last issue: the guest room and its adjoining hall. I decided on a Philippe Starck for Flos design; a small size for the hall and the larger model for the bedroom. Simple and graphic. Perfect for a small room.
Well, as far as lighting is concerned. 

I still have to have the linen curtains made, glass shelves installed in the bathroom "niche", and a better kitchen faucet put in to replace the annoyingly short one from Ikea that is there now. 
No, we are not quite finished yet. 
By the time the weather is warmer, I want to be able to concentrate on planting bamboos on the window "sills" of the living room's 3 French doors. No, not balconies; yes, SILLS; just small spaces between the windows and the railings. 
It is going to be tight but I.will.get.them.in.there! 
After all, no terrace, no Eiffel Tower. The least I deserve is a little greenery... 

au revoir.

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