We take a walk to Montmartre after dinner sometimes; its only a few blocks away and the view from there is exquisite. I get to see my beloved Eiffel Tower from there, the neighborhood directly around the Sacré Coeur is very quaint, the hilly area with all its steps and curling streets is quiet and pleasant in the evening- at least in winter!

It's probably the nicest place to take an evening walk around our neck of the woods- if you ignore the tacky souvenir shops and some streets in need of serious gentrification on the way there and if you don't mind the seemingly endless climb. 
I took the funicular down the other day- the first time ever. It's a very short ride but I wanted to see the very Parisian buildings and peek inside a few very "Montmartre" houses from there, some with amazing views I am sure.
I have noticed a few places where I would not mind living. 
It will be in another life probably...

au revoir.

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