Abanja en scope et en couleur...presque

We are very proud to be on the cover of the Viva Terra catalog.
For at least 3 reasons.

First: we are on the cover! That in itself is fabulous because it is, after all, our first collection shown during our first trade show.
Also, the shot is perfection. We love the styling, the soft, somewhat Moroccan ambiance, the way the orange and silver embroidery and the cute silver tassels wake up the khaki linen.

Second: the exposure for our linen pillow is great! We are not exactly on the cover of Cote Sud or Elle Decor.
No, not exactly.
But, you know what they say: baby steps...

Third: The Viva Terra Catalog 's philosophy espouses ours entirely:

"Our name VivaTerra or living earth is inspired by our dedication to living in harmony with nature - for a healthier life now and for future generations. All of our products reflect a commitment to:
ecology and elegance: The finest goods that uniquely fuse exceptional quality and design with eco sensitivities.
organic, sustainable sources: The purest ingredients and sustainable resources possible - selected to be the best available.
earth and people friendly: Partners and suppliers who share our values and work to make a positive difference in the world.
handcrafted by artisans: Distinctive goods of uncommon value, handcrafted by passionate designers and artisans.
celebrate life: Celebrate life and human spirit by honoring traditions from cultures around the world."
- viva terra

However, the point is to be shown INSIDE the catalog not just on the cover: may I introduce you to our second pillow. Also linen with hand embroidery, this one sports a large cord circle and a just one fluffy orange cotton tassel.

Neat, hein?
You know what to do next...

Oh, and not to blow our own horn or anything, we will be featured in House Beautiful next month with our playful water reed placemats. 

au revoir.


  1. Looking wonderful!
    Sounds like you are getting great exposure and well deserved!

  2. Congratulations! les coussins sont sublimes...I will be off to Paris very soon for Maisons et Objets...I supposed you will be going the opposite side to the Gift Show?