I have made a discovery: If you move after a great number of years from a house full of nooks, crannies and other -initially of course- empty spaces, you make miraculous discoveries. You unearth things you had thought "lost", unexplainably misplaced.

Such was the case of my beloved, precious, very much missed "knitting" picture. 
A very dear, very talented friend of mine made the picture when she was still in the Paris School of Applied Arts, l'Ecole des Arts Appliqués. She kindly offered it to me and I, stunned by her ability and very happy to receive such a treasure, accepted it with pleasure and treated it with all the respect due to such a merveille
Sadly, it went missing for years after we moved for the 4th time in the US. As luck and circumstances would have it, 21 years later, it reappeared from behind a long discarded headboard when we emptied our large and, needless to say, very full "Ali-Baba-cavern" of an attic, to move to Paris this summer. 

I have tried to figure out one thing: how on earth does one manage to make such a piece? look at it closely, each row is indeed knitted to the next.
You may even be able to notice on the upper right side of the 1st image that there are even "dropped" stitches in the knitting. So clever.
I'll confess that having misplaced this extraordinary work of art, I tried to replicate it. IMPOSSIBLE! -for me at least: after all, SHE did it! 
Her answer: it was just one of the projects we had to do. No big deal...
I guess I would have failed the course.

Merci ma très chère amie. It will not disappear this time around. 
For one, we don't have an attic...

au revoir.


  1. i love the simplicity and intricacy of the artwork. Is it pressed?
    My best friend (back to college years) majored in Arts.During the hurricane and snow storm, my metal shop was closed due to lack of electricity, and as a result, the brass panels in moroccan style that i had ordered for the Designing Greenwich show could not be made on time. I searched high and low in my showroom and home to find artwork to place on the deep burgundy walls...until I found hidden in the attick a pair of paintings that my dear friend had given me on my wedding day. i thought that i had lost them during one of my moves...

  2. So funny Francine! Thank heaven for talented fiends and for big attics. Neither seems to disappoint in the end...(I am going to go to your blog to check out again your exquisite booth! So creative and soothing and fresh and... I must stop. xoxo

  3. How remarkable! One of the benefits of the stressful job of moving!