Today, shelving in the living room and in the hall to the master bedroom and office were installed. 
I immediately opened the boxes of books and started distributing not only books but CD's and DVD's (yes, we still have some of those...) on the proper shelves in the LR; well, more or less the proper shelves. 
Some fine tuning will have to take place.
Some other day.
In the hall I will use the shelving as a laundry closet as my wonderful landlords have offered to install a set of glass doors back where they had been. 
Let me explain:
Our place is part of a large apartment that has been divided in 2. The recesses where I have installed the shelvings, both in the living room and the hall were deep doorways leading to rooms in the "other side" through glass paned doors (just like the one currently leading from the entry hall to the living room). It will make for a very elegant laundry closet, albeit a slightly shallow laundry closet, but my "mock up" worked perfectly well; We'll just have to fold the laundry a little smaller...

If all the boxes are gone, why do I grace my post with the picture of a wardrobe moving box?
There are, in fact, 2 left awaiting the delivery of 2 armoires, one for our bedroom and one to sit in the office. (aghhh, the lack of closets in Paris apartments drives me nuts!!!) 
So the much dreaded armoire route I will have to go. I did find 2 in the "colonial" style-as in the French colonies I guess- that will be fine. 

I have chosen an off-white version for the bedroom as I find it softer looking  and the "exotic wood" version for the office as I want to give the office just that, a "colonial" feeling. I'll hang my father's black and white photos of his rally from Tunisia through all of Africa to Capetown in the 1950's and I'll add a few African statues I have collected during our family's various sojourns there. 

Now if missing cabinets, bath and kitchen accessories and lighting would just hurry up and get here I would be in heaven. 

Patience? not a big forte with me...

au revoir.


  1. Loving your descriptions of your Paris apartment. I hope you will show us your rooms! Love your blog!

  2. I am on the look out for something just like this..love it!

  3. The armoire is something I'd happily have placed in my Palm Beach apartment (if I'd had the space). Thanks for looking in on my sub-tropical progress. Baci.