All right, here is the thing: "they" say NEVER bring IN to your house one single thing unless you are ready to take one OUT.
Because the day you need to empty your house to move away, you end up with about a ton and 1/2 of stuff you have not seen in years and need to discard all at once, that's why!
Did we really need two- not just one- two ready-lit outdoor "Xmas trees" we have since totally forgotten in the garage?
Did we really need to keep all those half empty paint cans just-in-case? You know you are going to have the room repainted entirely sooner or later; touching up is never an option: 
a) the paint color is never the same once it has been up on a wall for a year
b) by the time you MIGHT need to do that, you are sick of the color anyway.
Am I right? Sure, I am. 
So my time lately has been spent almost exclusively making the three proverbial piles: the sell pile, the give away/recycle pile and, and the HUGE throw out pile.
Sell pile: who do you sell all that "good" stuff to, anyway? you know, the stuff that won't work in France, the stuff that will definitely not fit in a Paris apartment, the stuff that can't come with us as we will not have a garden...THAT stuff.
Recycle pile: what the recycle people don't pick up you have to take to the dump yourself: and now, we are back to the PAINT CANS!!! we are currently "drying" out a million paint cans and though paint cans dry almost immediately if you forget them overnight, they NEVER dry when you put them out in the sun in the New York heat... why???? that's a good question.
Give away pile: that's a little easier though even that can be tricky: noone wants a computer nor a scanner, or even a printer if it is more than a year old anymore.

There will be some follow up progress reports. IF I have time between making piles, drying paint cans and figuring out where all those single, unmatched, still packaged expensive door knobs came from. 

au revoir.


  1. Hello my friend,
    I am exhausted from reading your "pile"... moving is quite stressful indeed. I would not even know where to start.
    Hope to see you in paris!

  2. You sound like you are extremely busy!
    Take heart, it will be over soon and this will be a distant memory in good time.

    I cannot imagine moving as we have been in our bungalow for over 30 years.
    I have done some serious de-cluttering in the past few months which has been a wonderful experience and very freeing.
    I have recently discovered your blog and I am enjoying your posts.

  3. Francine, je t'attends des que j'ai une adresse....et vant ca, au NY gift fair , OK?
    Hostess: thank you for visiting me. I really appreciate it and I hopee you will be patient while I take care of the "priorities" for a while longer.