You know you are in the presence of a great designer when you first set eyes on his line of products and find that they are so elegant in their utter simplicity and  so surprisingly affordable, you want to empty your cupboards and simply start at square one.
This is the case for Billy Cotton.
Billy Cotton is fun, cute, indefatigable and he designs, designs, designs.
He came up with the stunning ceiling light above, and the to-die-for, sleek, ultramodern line of lacquer furniture you should go check out on his site.

This, however, was not quite enough for Billy Cotton; 
No, no, no.
Billy decided to create a table top collection I am in love with. And considering he has sold it to Bergdorf Goodman, Niemann Marcus and Bloomingdales- where I was last night for the launch of his corner there- I am not the only one. 
Far from it.
Here is a peak


SUPER simple lines, playful colors, thin glassware, lean and clean-lined plates, great flatware and a LOT more to mix and match at your heart's content.
All we have left to do now is sit there and try to figure out how on earth we can decide which colors to get...
There, my friends, is where we are more or less on our own...

au revoir.

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  1. Jeanne I love, love the amazing designs he creates. That lighting is so cool and I really want the white pitcher!

    Art by Karena