I have wished for a painting by Victor Vasarely for as long as I have known he existed. That goes back quite a few years. 
"Best known as the "father" figure of Op Art, Vasarely went through a number of styles to get there... his brilliant work went mainstream, in the forms of posters and fabrics" -wikepedia
Optical art is geometric, colorful, and if you are not careful, it will hypnotize you. I am just kidding but the optical illusions of some Op Art paintings mimick 3D and make some of the elements seem to move around.
"Although the term was coined and the exhibition held in the mid-1960's, most people who have studied these things agree that Victor Vasarely pioneered the movement with his 1938 painting zebra"-wikepedia 
When I read this next comment: "Op art represents a great deal of math, planning and technical skill, as none of it came freshly-inked out of a computer peripheral", I realized that even with the help of a good computer program, it would be very difficult to achieve what Vasarely did.
I suppose I could swing a pale imitation of the top one, but no doubt my inherited share of patience would be pushed to its limit attempting to produce something based on this next one...

This relatively "simple" one looks lie a brightly striped curving corridor if you analyze it, don't you think? 

What persistence, good hand eye coordination perfect control can do. To say nothing of an immesurable talent and sense of color.

His 3D-like paintings are spectacular

I encountered this photo on the net. The blogger who posted this image found this Vasarely in her grandmother's basement and hung it over her sofa instantly! I bet! She also mentions that it is not a painting but a framed scarf by Vasarely. 

Lucky girl!!!
image twilightstarsong, opart.co.uk, picasaweb, design manifest

au revoir.


  1. Love the idea of a framed scarf. Vasarely color juxtaposition and precision of details is quite remarkable.

  2. Now I'm Vasarely dreamig too. Op art is fascinating and dateless. I'm a mathematics teacher, but haven't the skill, patience and creativity to produce such wonderful art.
    Warm regards