I went to the home trade show Maison et Objet while I was in Paris last week. There were a number of fabulous objects, new ideas and trends (like natural straw mixed with flat black and oversized patterns) but what really caught my eye was one large circular booth showing wares from Japan. I have always been in awe of the quality and creativity of the Japanese. This time I was fascinated. 2 companies stood out in this clean minimal space.

One had 4 pieces displayed: 1 flat leaf shaped piece of copper. Next to it the same shape seemingly hammered into a shallow leaf shaped bowl. The next item was the exact same piece but instead of copper, it seemed to be made of a dull gun metal material; then came the last piece, yet again the same shape but in an ultra shiny ruby red finish. These 4 pieces portrayed one single item in 4 different stages: plain, hammered, heated to very high temperatures and the last stage, a breathtakingly beautiful bowl that had simply been shined to this deep red finish. NOTHING MORE. Copper oxide gives the deep ruby color and a high speed buffer does the rest. Mind blowing.

The other company makes glassware that is partly covered in lacquer according to ancient and complex Japanese formulas. So far, not that surprising I guess. What was extraordinary was that each exquisite piece had one tiny dot of mother of pearl imbedded into the lacquer. Delicate and beyond refined. No dishwasher please.
image den japan

Leave it to Japan to push elegance and quality to the limit.

au revoir.


  1. great blog ! greetings from brussels

  2. So jealous, we were there last year and had a ball (my feet not so much) What a fabulous show!

  3. I love Maison et Objet! Very nice pieces! They do know how to master minimalism!