Our daughters arrived from Paris for Christmas bearing Marrons Glacés -candied chestnuts-. 
So nice. 
That they came. 
And bearing Marrons Glacés...
In the area of France where we spend time in the summer, the Ardèche, there are vast chestnut tree stands. Above the village, up where the roads start to really climb, one can see them everywhere. Hence, the specialty everywhere around our village: la Confiture de Marrons- chestnut jam-; 

The recipes vary from talented cook to talented cook, from family to family, from confiserie to confiserie- specialty candy shop-. Some add vanilla, some find that a CRIME. Whatever the formula, there is a number of delicious ways to incorporate chestnuts into some kind of confection or another... 
One can savor the plain Marrons Glacés- candied chestnuts, nature, soft and tender and glistening in their sugar syrup coating.
What about a mousse?

or a Marron Glacé Tiramisu?

And in the summer nothing is more delicious that une Glace à la Chataigne (a variety of chestnut), chestnut ice cream. 
(Well, maybe une Glace à la Lavande- a lavender sorbet?)

Let's not forget the inevitable staple of fine French confiserie, the saintly macaron! in its chestnut version. Un délice!
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Thank you girls.

au revoir.

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  1. Yum!!!!Wishing you a joyous Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!