Do you find that looking at the menu is part of the appeal of going to a restaurant? I mean really looking at the menu, not just reading through a list of various concoctions in optimistic search of the one dish (or dishes) that will stay in your palate's memory for a long time? I mean taking stock of the creative effort put into its conception, formulation and design. As in all commercial venture, the target audience has a lot to do with the restaurateur's choices in that area.

The very Parisian and reassuringly ubiquitous ardoise

In the menu for dummies category....the menu as culinary dictionary

In the let's-download-the-translation-APP category, the menu as modern day hieroglyphics

Vintage menu: back when the airlines still could afford to treat travelers decently even in the sarcastically named economy class

The fun rolled menu at the Foundouk in Marrakesh. Very stylé but just try to keep it flat long enough to peruse the many mouth watering types of tajine and couscous on offer

au revoir.

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