We stayed at the Meridien Hotel in Casablanca. We needed something central, convenient, all business. And that's what we got. Large rooms, comfortable beds, great bathrooms. What you expect from a Meridien.
What was fun was breakfast (I always comment on breakfast, don't I?) 
This particular time, it was the huge glass dome above our heads that caught my attention; and the flower arrangements. 

The tables settings were simple, modern, graphic.
In the hall, bunches of tall roses were tied together, just leaning on the top edge of tall vases. Spectacular.
This part of the trip was mainly work, work, work, with a short foray into the bazaar-like neighborhood of Derb Omar where we bought fringed hammam towels and large plastic weave baskets. 
From there we went on to Marrakesh. I'll report on that tomorrow.

au revoir.

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