When you drive north to Montreal from our house, in the suburbs of NYC, the road is basically straight all the way. Put the car in cruise control and enjoy the view. Well, watch out for road kill...
Highway 87 is absolutely beautiful once you hit the mountains (remember Lake Placid and the Olympics?) The Lake George area is worth the long drive alone and the beginning of the fall colors made for a spectacular journey. The perfect postcard day didn't hurt either.
I took a photo of a rest area building where I stopped for tea. Who ever thought this up deserves a medal...pure North American architecture.
I could tell I was getting close to Canada.

For a big change in pace from our very urban stay in Montreal, my sister and I decided to join two very nature-loving Canadian friends on a day of cycling in the Laurentians just North of Montreal. They are both IN SHAPE! one of the girls takes spinning classes every Saturday! 
We survived the ride thanks to a great picnic complete with great wine and shrimp wraps faits à la maison. 
You bike on a railroad track turned cycling path that runs for miles along a small river in the middle of fall colored trees. Breathtaking! in every sense of the word...

bon weekend. 

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